Green Ethos


At MacGregor Landscapes LTD we take our environmental responsibility seriously and are always looking for ways to improve our operations. For example we recycle over 95% of our waste and operate LPG vehicles in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. We are always striving to reduce our impact on our environment. This is laid out in our Environmental Policy and is seen as everyone’s responsibility.


We are always working on how to improve our performance and increase value for our clients through integrated, sustainable and logical business practice.

We are constantly assessing our operations to ensure we are minimizing any negative impact on the environment. At MacGregor Landscapes LTD understand it is both a company and a personal responsibility to care for the environment and we are happy to communicate with any interested parties about our environmental policy and will aim to continuously address this aspect of our work as a company. The policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as our company continues to develop.

We aim to:

  1. Show commitment to the highest environmental safety standards.

  2. To use only the most environmentally friendly materials and those that will have the minimum environmental impact.

  3. To use ethically sourced materials where possible

  4. To recycle over 90% of our waste

  5. To monitor our fuel consumption, ensure we minimise fuel usage and move towards alternative and environmentally friendly fuel sources.

  6. To prevent pollution in every aspect of our operations.

  7. To provide information to clients and the public on environmental issues.

  8. To comply fully with environmental legislation and to work with authorities and any other interested parties.