Health and Safety

MacGregor Landscaping is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, and of others who could be affected by our activities. We expect to ensure compliance as a minimum and to deliver our services efficiently and safely. Health and safety is a high priority and we take every reasonable measure to ensure health and safety at work. At MacGregor Landscapes LTD a safe practice is integral to our business and we encorage all of our emloyees to share the responsibility and improve the safety of our practice wherever possible. We feel we have generated an embedded safety culture which has developed along with our business activities.

MacGregor Landscaping has a Safety Manager who regularly reviews our practice and ensures our services align with the relevant legislation. We know that education, communication and equipment are vital to empower our employees not only to understand their roles but the take responsibility individually and collectively. All our new employees begin with a detailed induction and health and safety course. We constantly update skills and refresh knowledge to prevent incidents. We always encourage reporting and in the case of an incident occurring, it will be reviewed at a management level and appropriate preventative measures put in place a reviewed to ensure their effectiveness.

Communication is vital and several forums exist where employees can contribute knowledge and ideas, and ask questions. Good ideas are also welcomed, and rewarded. A safety award scheme has been put in place this year and annual targets are set to ensure continuous improvement.

Personal protective clothing and uniform are important safety factors. As they feature prominently in many job roles, these need to be of the right quality, and comfort and fit are vital. Employees are consulted in the choice of items, with items often chosen by site staff for evaluation.

We aim to generate a working environment in which excellence can thrive. Through our company equality policy we try to ensure there is no discrimination of socio-economic differences selecting workers on merit and ability alone.